Tryouts information is available on the tryouts page here
While there are circumstances where that may be unavoidable, we are committed to trying to work out field assignments to minimize travel for both parents and players.
The Academy program (U8-U10) plays 7v7 with a specific rule set passed down from US Soccer.

This rule set changes significantly when moving to U11/U12 where play is 9v9 and competitive soccer begins (tryouts, league play, etc). Roster sizes increase, and many of the modified rules are removed.

At U13 and up, the number of players on the field moves to the traditional 11v11, and roster sizes again increase with all modified rules removed.

These distinctions between the different team sizes, rule-sets, and and league play make them natural breaks when talking about the different programs.

Absolutely! If you’re interested in talking with us, or meeting face to face, please use the contact form on the site. We would love to meet you and your player.